Lorde is no diva: spokesperson

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Lorde’s spokesperson has dismissed claims about her supposed “bizarre requests” at a Las Vegas gig.


The 17-year-old Bew Zealander took the stage at Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool Sin City on Tuesday.

The performance was soon subject to speculation that Lorde’s requests had include a demand that the venue not sell beer cans, among other requests.

A spokesperson for the star has brushed off the claims.

“This is not true at all, but thank you for checking,” her representative told PageSix.

Lorde had plenty of fans in the Las Vegas crowd, including former Kansas City Royals baseball player George Brett, the inspiration for her chart-topping track Royals.

The singer recently revealed it was a National Geographic photo of Brett wearing his 1976 jersey that helped her dream up the tune.

She said she had no clue at the time who Brett was, but was captivated by the image and the name of his team.

“His shirt said ‘Royals.’ It was just that word. It’s really cool,” she told VH1 back in September.

PageSix reports Brett was “very casual” and “watched the show with a small group from a VIP cabana” before the pair posed for pictures backstage.

Lorde recently told Teen Vogue that she is enjoying her “wild” life and ability to tour the world in the wake of her sudden stardom and Grammy wins.

“Living in New Zealand, you don’t get these experiences. I spent so much time in my room before,” she says in the magazine’s May issue.

“My life is so wild right now. For me to be able to do something I really enjoy and for that to get me out in the world – to South America, to here, to London – every day I kick myself, I’m so lucky.”

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Crowds flock to Sydney Fish Market

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If there’s ever an excuse to eat fish and chips for breakfast, Good Friday is definitely it.


A bustling crowd tucked into everything from salmon to squid at the Sydney Fish Market (SFM), by the shores of the harbour at Pyrmont, on Good Friday morning.

And they were just the ones who chose to eat their purchases on site.

Fifty thousand people are expected to flock to the fish market on Friday for the biggest trading day of the year, with some arriving as early as 3am.

Later in the morning Melissa Rose and her mother Lynne Lopa were on their way home with bags busting full of Moreton Bay bugs, prawns, sashimi and tuna.

The two women have been to the fish markets for more than 30 years to buy fresh seafood for their annual Easter family feast.

“This is our tradition since I was a kid,” Rose said.

“We’re not allowed to have a shower or do our hair or make-up. It’s liberating; we usually don’t leave the house without our lippy on.”

For another punter, Ray Pavlovik, Good Friday morning is always a boys’ affair.

Every year he and his brothers arrive at 5.30am to have breakfast and buy up big for an extended-family lunch that’s washed down with a few cold beers.

This year marked the initiation of Pavlovik’s three-year-old son Lucas, who helped dad pick the best prawns, oysters, mussels and calamari.

“The little guy joined us for the first time this morning,” Mr Pavlovik said.

About 370 tonnes of seafood are tipped to be sold in one monster day at the market, with sales estimated to better last year’s $22-million haul.

But Suraj Lama, who manages the oysters at Nicholas Seafood Traders, said the morning’s business wasn’t as busy as he’d expected.

“It’s not like last year,” said Mr Lama, who started work at 2am.

“We were expecting more. But we still got smashed at 4.30 this morning.”

Lama said the flathead and Tasmanian salmon had been a hit so far.

When it came to freshly shucked oysters, the Sydney rock range from NSW’s Pambula, Wallis Lake and Merimbula were the winners, with the creamier soft-shell type from Tasmania’s Cloudy Bay also popular.

“When you eat oysters they have to be not to creamy and not too watery,” Mr Lama said.

“Pambulas are the perfect ones because they have the taste of the rock sea, and Australians love that taste.”

Over at Doyles, seller Camelia Uura was bargaining with two men over the price of 20 two-kilogram mud crabs.

“Mud crabs are expensive right now – $69 for one that size is a very good price for Easter,” she said.

*Sydney Fish Market is open from 5am to 5pm on Good Friday, and 7am-4pm from Saturday to Monday.

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Turbo-speed Your Touch-ups

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Time is a precious commodity in the mornings.


When you’re running out of the door, sipping black coffee, experimenting with make-up can fall way down the list of priorities.

But whether it’s a statement eye or bright lips, focusing on one key feature doesn’t have to majorly disrupt your routine – and this is precisely what make-up artist Boris Entrup is out to prove.

His new book, 10 Minute Make-up, shows you how to go from bare-faced to beautiful with minimal products and time.

“Make-up is wonderful because the transformation can be seen instantly,” he says.

“The look you choose makes a very personal statement about you.”

Here, Entrup outlines how to create three key looks against the clock. Set your stopwatch now.


Think English rose glow with soft peachy-pink tones.

Eyeshadow: Apply a peachy-toned eyeshadow with a large, rounded brush over the upper lid. When the eye is open, the colour should be just visible. The highest point of the eyeshadow should be above the pupil.

Highlights: Using a lighter shade of eyeshadow, highlight the inner corner of the eye. Along the lower lash line, apply colour from the inner corner only as far as the pupil.

Blusher: Apply powder blusher to the centre of the cheekbone. Blend it upwards to the hairline, then downward to blend in the edges. If there is a line, smooth it over with your finger.

Lipstick: For a natural look, choose a shade similar to your lip colour. To make the colour last longer, powder your lips after applying the lipstick, then apply another coat.

PRO TIP: For this natural look, apply blusher sparingly and then thoroughly blend it in for a youthful look. Delicate pink shades are suited to those with fair skin and blonde/brown hair. In contrast, soft brown shades of blusher are ideal for those with dark skin and darker hair/eye colours.


Make an instant statement with an exaggerated cat eye.

Eyeliner: Draw the line from the inner corner of the eye to the pupil, then from the outer corner of the eye to the pupil. Now make a dot for the end of the winged tip and fill in with eyeliner.

Powder: Apply cream blusher before using powder, then use translucent powder to get rid of any shiny spots on the nose, forehead and chin.

Lipstick: Using your finger, apply glossy lipstick. If you prefer, you can also use a lip brush.

Highlights: Using a second, lighter shade of lipstick creates a great plumping effect. Dab it on, but only apply to the centre of your lips.

PRO TIP: Eyebrows are important for framing the face. When they’re properly plucked and brushed, they give the face a new shape and contour.


Pick your favourite red and create a pout with major impact.

Eyeshadow: Apply a neutral eyeshadow over the upper lid with a rounded brush. Blend in the eyeshadow above the eye crease so the colour fades in gently up to the bottom of the brow line.

Mascara: Apply several layers of mascara to the upper lashes.

Lip outline: To draw the outline more easily, rest your hand on your chin. To draw an even outline, make sure you hold the pencil straight.

Lipstick: Carefully fill in the outline with lipstick, using a lip brush, and follow the outline precisely. Blot the lipstick, dust the lips with powder, and then reapply the lipstick for longevity.

PRO TIP: With a bit of practise, it’s easy to draw the perfect lip outline. You don’t have to follow your natural lip line exactly. You can improve small imperfections with a lip brush.

*10-Minute Make-up, by Boris Entrup, Penguin Australia, $29.99

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Earth-like planet excites astronomers

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Astronomers have declared a major milestone in the search for life outside of Earth, saying they have found the first Earth-sized planet that could support human life.


The planet is located about 500 light years away and is one of five orbiting a red dwarf star that is is smaller and cooler than our sun.

Yet what makes it particularly compelling is that it resides in a temperate region where liquid water could exist, said Elisa Quintana of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute.

It’s one of about 20 planets found by NASA’s Kepler space telescope to orbit their planets in a habitable zone.

Most of those planets, however, are too large, meaning they could have thick atmospheres of hydrogen and helium similar to those on Jupiter and Saturn.

Scientists have determined that the ideal size for a habitable planet is something smaller than 1.5 times the size of Earth. The newly discovered planet, called Kepler-186f, is estimated to have a radius about 1.1 times the Earth’s.

The team led by Quintana and Steve Howell, Kepler project scientist, confirmed their findings using high resolution images from two telescopes in Hawaii.

More precise information about Kepler-186f’s atmosphere must await the building and launch of NASA’s Webb telescope.

Since August 2013, the Kepler telescope has been hobbled by the failure of two of four gyroscopes that helped the craft maintain its position in space.

But it has continued sending the observations it is still able to make.

The research is published in the journal Science.

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Warning over satellites vulnerable to hackers

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Security flaws in many satellite telecommunications systems leave them open to hackers, raising potential risks for aviation, shipping, military and other sectors, security researchers say.


A paper released by the security firm IOActive found “multiple high risk vulnerabilities” in all the satellite systems studied.

“These vulnerabilities have the potential to allow a malicious actor to intercept, manipulate, or block communications, and in some cases, to remotely take control of the physical device,” the report said.

Ruben Santamarta, author of the report, said he was concerned “because satellite communications are used in a variety of critical scenarios.”

Santamarta told AFP that most ships and aircraft use satellite communications, and in some cases military communications use these commercial satellite systems.

If the systems are compromised, he said, “for military communications, a foreign government or agency can target these devices and they can track the location of units and soldiers”.

For aircraft or ships, he said, an attacker “can spoof data” and either block or disrupt emergency communications.

Because of the nature of the systems using satellites, Santamarta said, “we expected better security”.

Santamarta said he had no evidence of any disruption affecting Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, but noted that “it is technically possible” that its communications could have been tampered with.

The IOActive report studied communications over the Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks.

But Santamarta said the vulnerabilities were mainly in ground equipment which connects to the satellites.

“IOActive found that malicious actors could abuse all of the devices within the scope of this study,” the report said.

“The vulnerabilities included what would appear to be back doors, hard-coded credentials, undocumented and/or insecure protocols, and weak encryption algorithms.”

The company began its research in 2013, and in early 2014, a security warning was issued by the Computer Emergency Response Team, a group of researchers backed by the US Department of Homeland Security.

IOActive said however that most of the satellite telecom (SATCOM) vendors did not respond to the January alert to upgrade their systems despite the nature of the risks.

“If one of these affected devices can be compromised, the entire SATCOM infrastructure could be at risk,” the report said.

“Ships, aircraft, military personnel, emergency services, media services, and industrial facilities (oil rigs, gas pipelines, water treatment plants, wind turbines, substations, etc.) could all be impacted by these vulnerabilities.”

Santamarta added: “I hope this research is seen as a wake-up call for both the vendors and users of the current generation of SATCOM technology.”

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Kuchar shares lead in South Carolina

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Matt Kuchar has carried on his good form from the Masters to fire a five-under par 66 for a share of the first-round lead at the USPGA event in South Carolina.


Fellow Americans Scott Langley and William McGirt, each seeking a first tour triumph, were level with Kuchar after 18 holes at Harbour Town on Thursday to sit two shots ahead of Harris English.

Australian Greg Chalmers withdrew after going five-over through five holes with a back injury.

Jordan Spieth, the 20-year-old talent who shared second-place honours at Augusta National last week, was in a pack of 15 players on 69.

Four days after briefly sharing the lead in the final round of the Masters with Spieth and eventual winner Bubba Watson, world No.6 Kuchar was back in contention just a few hours down the road.

Kuchar, who began off the 10th tee, birdied the course’s three par-5 holes — the second, fifth and 15th — and birdied the ninth and 13th as well in a bogey-free round to grab his share of the lead.

“It was some awfully steady golf,” Kuchar said.

McGirt ran off four birdies in a row from the second through fifth holes and added another at the ninth, taking his lone bogey at 15 but answering with a birdie at the par-3 17th.

Langley, who birdied the second hole, had a run of four birdies in a row as well from the par-3 fourth to the par-3 seventh, then answered a bogey at the eighth with a birdie at nine. On the back nine he birdied the par-3 14th but took another bogey at 18.

Spieth, who would have been the youngest champion in Masters history, said: “I was anxious to get back out and play another competitive round of golf.

“So today was going to be kind of therapy, in a sense, from last week, to get back out and try and make some birdies.”

Spieth made four birdies and two bogeys to stand three strokes off the pace, playing alongside Davis Love and Tom Watson.

“He spoke some words of wisdom to me, on and off the course,” Spieth said of Watson. “Obviously talking with him is priceless.”

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Authors and artists speak out against changes to RDA

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Signatories including academic Eva Cox said the balance between upholding freedom of speech while maintaining personal protections against racial discrimination had already been sufficiently established by the current Act.


The submission follows a Fairfax-Nielsen poll which found that the majority of voters were in the favour of the Act remaining as is.

The poll, published by Fairfax Media, found that 88 per cent of respondents believed it should remain unlawful to “offend, insult or humiliate” people based on their race.

Award winning author and activist Arnold Zable spoke of his personal experiences of discrimination as part of the submission.

“No matter how immune I have become to such hate and prejudice, it can still shake me to the core,” he said.

“This sense of violation and hate, this sense of humiliation and racism has for too long been experienced in particular by Aboriginal people.”

Listen: Arnold Zable speaks to Stephanie Anderson.


Author and journalist Bianca Nogrady also offered personal experiences.

“As someone whose family tree was brutally pruned during the Holocaust, I know that bigotry is not harmless,” she said.

In announcing the proposed changes last month, Mr Brandis said the amendments would preserve the existing protection against intimidation and create a new protection from racial vilification.

“This is an important reform and a key part of the Government’s freedom agenda,” he said.

“It sends a strong message about the kind of society that we want to live in where freedom of speech is able to flourish and racial vilification and intimidation are not tolerated.”

The SBS World News interactive on the history of the Racial Discrimination Act, including cases involving Andrew Bolt and Pauline Hanson, can be found online here.

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Cool landscape preserved under Greenland

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A preglacial tundra landscape “refrigerated” for millions of years far below the Greenland ice sheet has been uncovered by US geologists.


Glaciers are known to scrape everything off anything – vegetation, soil and even the top layer of bedrock – so scientists were surprised they had found the landscape in pristine condition under three kilometres of ice.

The finding provides strong evidence the ice sheet has existed for much longer than previously thought, and survived numerous global warming episodes, says lead researcher Paul Bierman, a University of Vermont geologist.

Rather than scraping and sculpting the landscape, the ice sheet had been frozen to the ground, effectively creating “a refrigerator that’s preserved this antique landscape”, Bierman said.

The finding suggests that even during the warmest periods of the ice sheet’s life, the centre of Greenland was stable and did not fully melt, allowing the tundra landscape to be sealed without modification through millions of years of changing temperatures.

“Greenland really was green! However, it was millions of years ago,” said Dylan Rood, a former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist.

“Greenland looked like the green Alaskan tundra, before it was covered by the second largest body of ice on Earth.”

For the study published in the journal Science, experts tested 17 samples extracted from the ice sheet in 1993 from Summit, Greenland.

They then sampled a rare form of the element beryllium, the beryllium-10 isotope formed by cosmic rays.

The research, backed by National Science Foundation funding, found that the soil had been stable and exposed at the surface between 200,000 and a million years before the ice covered it.

The team of scientists also measured nitrogen and carbon that could have been left by plant material in the core sample, and found organic material that suggested the preglacial landscape may have been a partially forested tundra.

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V8s ditch new safety car restart procedure

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V8 Supercars’ controversial new restart rules have been scrapped in favour of a return to last year’s format.


The post-safety car rolling restart was heavily criticised after its first run of the season at Adelaide’s Clipsal 500 resulted in a spectacular crash involving Holden veteran Jason Bright.

The rules forced cars to run in single file and stay under 60km/h until the race leader chose to hit top speed within an allocated acceleration zone (AZ).

Organisers later amended the rules to increase the speed limit to 80km/h and lengthen the AZ.

But the format has now been ditched altogether, with drivers to revert to the 2013 procedure from next weekend’s Auckland 500.

While cars will still need to form a single line behind the race leader, they will be free to accelerate whenever they like once the safety car returns to pit lane.

Bright welcomed the decision.

“The intent was right in terms of adding to the entertainment but in practice it gave guys an advantage they may not have normally had and caused unnecessary problems,” he said.

“V8 Supercars did a good job in consulting the drivers to try to make it work for the right reasons but unfortunately this time it didn’t turn out.

“It’s the right call to go back to what we had before. That system is the fairest for the guys who have fought to build an advantage and gives them the best opportunity to maintain that advantage.”

Fellow driver and V8 Supercars Commission member Todd Kelly said the AZ restart area was difficult to manage from behind the wheel.

“It is a shame though, when it did work it looked great with the cars spreading either side of the queue on the jump,” Kelly said.

“The problem was whether its an overlap or passing rule prior to the control line, more often than not there will be someone that doesn’t get the jump causing the car behind to brake and, in turn, cause issues.”

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US to sell Iran-owned building in New York

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US prosecutors have unveiled plans to sell an Iran-owned Manhattan skyscraper in the largest terror-related seizure ever, and distribute proceeds to families affected by attacks linked to Tehran.


The settlement approved by a federal judge with 19 plaintiffs is the latest development in a long-running case over the fate of 650 Fifth Avenue.

The 36-storey building is located in the heart of New York City.

Among the creditors are families and estates of victims of the 1983 bombings of US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 military personnel and the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 US service members.

US District Judge Katherine Forrest on Thursday ruled in favour of the government’s suit last year, saying the building’s owners had violated Iran sanctions and money laundering laws.

Prosecutors allege the building’s owners, the Alavi Foundation – a non-profit corporation promoting Islamic culture and Persian language – and Assa Corporation, transferred rental income and other funds to Iran’s state-owned Bank Melli.

In addition to the Manhattan tower, US authorities will also sell Iran-linked properties in California, Maryland, Texas, Virginia and the Queens borough of New York, along with the contents of bank accounts formerly in the name of entities that served as fronts for Iran.

“With this settlement, we have taken an important step toward completing what will be the largest ever terrorism-related forfeiture and providing a substantial recovery for victims of terrorism,” Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

No date has yet been set for the sale of the properties, and one private plaintiff has not joined the settlement.

The government will recoup litigation expenses and costs associated with the sale of any properties seized and sold by the US Marshals Service, according to the settlement.

The remaining proceeds will be distributed among the plaintiffs based on the unpaid damages awarded to them in court.

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Richmond spoil Brown’s Gabba party

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The sight of champion Brisbane Lions forward Jonathan Brown being chaired off the ground via a guard of honour after his 250th AFL game was special.


But it was Richmond coach Damien Hardwick who left the Gabba on Thursday night savouring something he believed was much more significant – a win.

Brown, 32, stood tall in his milestone match with four goals, 16 touches and nine marks but Richmond gatecrashed the party to run out 43-point victors thanks to their key seniors Trent Cotchin (32 touches) and Jack Riewoldt (four goals).

Asked if he felt for Brown, Lions coach Justin Leppitsch said: “Realistically it is more about the team, to be perfectly frank.

“It would have been great for Browny to win.

“But I am more worried about the team and where it is going.

“(And) winning is the part that builds a bit of confidence and morale within the group.”

There was no better proof of that than Hardwick after Richmond responded brutally to the Lions threatening to celebrate Brown’s landmark game when they snatched a surprise third term lead.

“They were playing for a legend, not just of their club but a legend of the game, they were always going to come back hard, Hardwick said of the win-less Brisbane (0-5).

“I always thought our boys would come back, we just had to get a few set ups right to get the game back on our terms which we eventually did.

“We banked some points and that’s the important thing.”

Richmond steadied with a 2-3 record after Riewoldt and Dustin Martin combined with a total of seven goals in a new-look forward line without Ty Vickery, a victim of team balance according to Hardwick.

In another boost, Richmond may welcome back Alex Rance (foot) and Brett Deledio (Achilles) next round against Hawthorn.

But there may be no such luck for Brisbane who were forced to field 10 players with less than 25 games experience with stars Daniel Rich, Matthew Leuenberger, Pearce Hanley (injury) and Daniel Merrett (suspension) sidelined.

“I think we are pretty realistic,” Leppitsch said of their outlook.

“We’ve had some injuries, we’ve had a tough fixture. Weve had all those excuses to lean on but given all that … we would like to fight it out and get a win but we weren’t able to do that.

“We have been hit with a few things in the last few weeks but footy dishes up all this stuff.

“I have been in this game 22 years now at this level, I have seen some highs and seen some lows – (but) it turns around.”

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