Turbo-speed Your Touch-ups

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Time is a precious commodity in the mornings.


When you’re running out of the door, sipping black coffee, experimenting with make-up can fall way down the list of priorities.

But whether it’s a statement eye or bright lips, focusing on one key feature doesn’t have to majorly disrupt your routine – and this is precisely what make-up artist Boris Entrup is out to prove.

His new book, 10 Minute Make-up, shows you how to go from bare-faced to beautiful with minimal products and time.

“Make-up is wonderful because the transformation can be seen instantly,” he says.

“The look you choose makes a very personal statement about you.”

Here, Entrup outlines how to create three key looks against the clock. Set your stopwatch now.


Think English rose glow with soft peachy-pink tones.

Eyeshadow: Apply a peachy-toned eyeshadow with a large, rounded brush over the upper lid. When the eye is open, the colour should be just visible. The highest point of the eyeshadow should be above the pupil.

Highlights: Using a lighter shade of eyeshadow, highlight the inner corner of the eye. Along the lower lash line, apply colour from the inner corner only as far as the pupil.

Blusher: Apply powder blusher to the centre of the cheekbone. Blend it upwards to the hairline, then downward to blend in the edges. If there is a line, smooth it over with your finger.

Lipstick: For a natural look, choose a shade similar to your lip colour. To make the colour last longer, powder your lips after applying the lipstick, then apply another coat.

PRO TIP: For this natural look, apply blusher sparingly and then thoroughly blend it in for a youthful look. Delicate pink shades are suited to those with fair skin and blonde/brown hair. In contrast, soft brown shades of blusher are ideal for those with dark skin and darker hair/eye colours.


Make an instant statement with an exaggerated cat eye.

Eyeliner: Draw the line from the inner corner of the eye to the pupil, then from the outer corner of the eye to the pupil. Now make a dot for the end of the winged tip and fill in with eyeliner.

Powder: Apply cream blusher before using powder, then use translucent powder to get rid of any shiny spots on the nose, forehead and chin.

Lipstick: Using your finger, apply glossy lipstick. If you prefer, you can also use a lip brush.

Highlights: Using a second, lighter shade of lipstick creates a great plumping effect. Dab it on, but only apply to the centre of your lips.

PRO TIP: Eyebrows are important for framing the face. When they’re properly plucked and brushed, they give the face a new shape and contour.


Pick your favourite red and create a pout with major impact.

Eyeshadow: Apply a neutral eyeshadow over the upper lid with a rounded brush. Blend in the eyeshadow above the eye crease so the colour fades in gently up to the bottom of the brow line.

Mascara: Apply several layers of mascara to the upper lashes.

Lip outline: To draw the outline more easily, rest your hand on your chin. To draw an even outline, make sure you hold the pencil straight.

Lipstick: Carefully fill in the outline with lipstick, using a lip brush, and follow the outline precisely. Blot the lipstick, dust the lips with powder, and then reapply the lipstick for longevity.

PRO TIP: With a bit of practise, it’s easy to draw the perfect lip outline. You don’t have to follow your natural lip line exactly. You can improve small imperfections with a lip brush.

*10-Minute Make-up, by Boris Entrup, Penguin Australia, $29.99

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